WRECK BONANZA! FIVE NEW WRECK SITES! - The Iristo, St David, Manilla, Eagle, and the Madiana.

NEW WRECK PICTURES ADDED! - On the wreck of the King George (the Dredger).

NEW REEF SITE! - The reefs just off Watch Hill Park.

NEW REEF PHOTOS ADDED - On the reefs around Bailey's Bay.

Welcome to my underwater photography home page. Use the  links below to choose a dive site.

All photographs are taken using a Sealife DC500 Pro, some with and some without an external flash.

Bermuda wreck sites
* NEW SITE > Iristo < NEW SITE *
* NEW SITE > St David < NEW SITE *
* NEW SITE > Manilla < NEW SITE *
* NEW SITE > Eagle < NEW SITE *
* NEW SITE > Madiana < NEW SITE *
* NEW PICS > King George < NEW PICS *
Rita Zovetta
Cristobal Colon
Bermuda reef sites
* NEW SITE > Watch Hill Park < NEW SITE *
* NEW PICS > Bailey's Bay Flats < NEW PICS *
Abby's Sandhole
Chub Heads
The Cathedral
North Rock