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The Kate was an iron steamer, built in Whitby, England in 1874. Her length was about 200 feet, with a displacement of just over 1400 tons. Her last voyage was from Galveston in Texas to Le Havre, France. On 30 November 1878, the Kate hit an unmarked reef about 20 miles north west of Bermuda and then, even more unluckily, hit a sand bar and started taking on water. The Kate was taken under tow, but had to be grounded to prevent her form sinking from major damage. Only 120 bales of her cargo of over 3600 bales of cotton were salvaged during an initial operation. A strong gale that passed over Bermuda on 10 December broke the wreck up further, and blew her remains into deeper water. A second salvage operation recovered almost all her remaining cargo.

(Note that this is NOT the same wreck as the Katherine, a brigantine over 100 years older - we're still trying to find that wreck site!)


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12 June 2006

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